NewsResourcesAgriRÉCUP/Cleanfarms Recognized as Ag Recycler in Quebec

AgriRÉCUP/Cleanfarms Recognized as Ag Recycler in Quebec


AgriRÉCUP/Cleanfarms has been recognized by RECYC-QUÉBEC as being responsible for the recovery and recycling of plastics and packaging used in agriculture, as well as obsolete or unwanted pesticides and seeds, for the province, a July 12 news release said.

“By reaching this new milestone in the implementation of its extended producer responsibility plan, Quebec confirms its leadership in the circular economy and waste reduction in the agricultural sector,” Barry Friesen, executive director of AgriRÉCUP/Cleanfarm, said in the release.

The release noted this designation allows for businesses that market these products in Quebec to fulfill their obligations under the new Regulation on the Recovery and Valorization of Products by Enterprises (RRVPE) of the Government of Quebec by joining AgriRÉCUP/Cleanfarms.

This designation applies to four subcategories of agricultural products:

  • 1 — silage plastics
  • 2 — agricultural bags
  • 3 — pesticide and fertilizer containers
  • 7 — pesticides and treated seeds

Businesses are now obligated to ensure the recovery and valourization of products belonging to these categories as of June 30, 2023, the release said.

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