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Webcast: Seed Potato Certification

The Plant Management Network (PMN) has released a new presentation to help potato consultants, growers and other practitioners in Canada and the U.S. learn about the basics of seed potato certification.

Seed certification provides assurance to growers that seed-borne potato diseases are kept under acceptable levels, and helps the industry consistently provide high quality products to consumers.

The webcast, developed by Robert D. Davidson, professor and extension specialist at Colorado State University, describes how the certification process helps growers consistently achieve quality and grade standards; trace diseases back to their potential source; and integrate new cultivars into production.

Specifically, in this presentation, the basis for seed potato certification and the current process being followed will be described. Additionally, discussion will center on which diseases and conditions are the focus of inspections and how these problems are managed, or not, through the use of clean, high quality seed potatoes. Finally, viewers will learn the certification process and what the use of clean seed means for other seed growers and the commercial industry.

View the webcast

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