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Champion Grower - Front row: Champion grower Marc Thériault of Les Fermes LP Thériault & Fils. Middle row L-R: Mario Desjardins, Field Representative, Allison McCain, Chairman, McCain Foods Limited, Christine Wentworth, VP Agriculture NA, Josée Bernard, Field Representative. Back row L-R: Rudy Michaud, Field Representative, Luc Coté, Field Department Manager.

Les Fermes LP Thériault & Fils Champion Grower for McCain

Les Fermes LP Thériault & Fils of Drummond was named the 2016-2017 McCain Champion Potato Grower for Grand Falls during the 43rd annual McCain Growers’ Banquet held Aug. 22 at Centre E.& P. Sénéchal. Almost 200 guests gathered to celebrate the top growers and their achievements.

Allison McCain, Chairman of McCain Foods Limited, Shai Altman, President, McCain Foods Canada and Christine Wentworth, VP Agriculture NA extended personal congratulations to Les Fermes LP Theriault & Fils Farms and all of the McCain growers. In his address to the group, McCain expressed the importance of New Brunswick agriculture and the need to continuously be innovative in farming practices.

“Early adoption of farm practice innovations is essential to ensuring New Brunswick growers and McCain can compete in global markets.”

Wentworth thanked the growers for their “loyalty, dedication and contribution to McCain over the last 60 years” and wished them a safe and bountiful harvest, while Altman reiterated that our partnership with the growers is critical for our business. “McCain is a proud Canadian company,” he said, “and you all have a part to play in that. We look forward to a bright future ahead.”

Marc Thériault was thrilled to be announced as the Champion Grower. The Thériault family has been contracting with McCain for 44 years, has been in the Top 10 17 times, and this was their second time winning the Champion Grower title.

“It’s a great feeling and makes me feel appreciated for all the hard work that I’ve given,” said Marc. “It takes dedication, hard work, employees that care and, of course, some good luck too.”

Top 10 Group – Front row L-R: André Levesque, Luc Levesque, Jean-Guy Levesque, Jules Levesque, Marc Thériault, Eric Levesque, Daniel Levesque, Denis Levesque, Edmund Levesque, Luc Côté, Field Department Manager. Middle row L-R: Shai Altman, President, McCain Foods Canada, Christine Wentworth, VP Agriculture NA, Lise Levesque, Marc Levesque, André Levesque, Gilles Godbout, Luc Poitras, Rock Poitras, Mario Levesque, Denis Desjardins, Mario Desjardins, Jean Thériault, Plant Manager, Josée Bernard, Field Representative. Back row L-R: David Good, Director of Agriculture, Supplier Relations NA, Guildor Roberge, Michel Levesque, Mathieu Godbout, Mathieu Daigle, André Daigle, Luc Roberge, Brandon Poitras, René Desjardins, Rudy Michaud, Allison McCain, Chairman, McCain Foods Limited.

The other growers who qualified for the top 10 roster, in order of final standing were:

  • Ed & Dan Levesque (Edmund & Daniel Levesque with sons Eric and Denis – Saint-André)
  • Northwest Potato Farms (Michel & Lise Levesque and son Marc – Saint-André)
  • Desjardins Farms (Denis and René Desjardins – Drummond)
  • Eagle Farms (Gilles Godbout and his son, Mathieu – Saint-André)
  • Ferme GIL Roberge (Guildor Roberge and his son Luc – Saint-André)
  • Super Farms Potatoes (Jean-Guy, Jules, Luc & Andre Levesque – Saint-André)
  • Les Fermes Poitras (Rock Poitras and his son, Luc – Saint-André)
  • Andre Daigle Farms (Andre Daigle and his son Mathieu – St-Leonard)
  • Les Fermes Mario Levesque (Mario and André Levesque – Saint-André)

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