Refrigeration & Ventilation Systems

Duane Gorman

Vice-President of Operations, Gorman Controls

Leading the Operations team at Gorman Controls Ltd., Duane Gorman is heavily involved in all aspects of research and development, project management and customer support for the company. Joining the company in 2003, Gorman has a deep understanding of the specialized needs of agricultural storage systems and the other industries they serve. Gorman received a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Prince Edward Island in 2000, and then went on to receive a Masters in Agriculture from Dalhousie University in 2003.

Advice from Industry Experts

Precision Farming

Bill Menkveld

Vice-President, Sales and Marketing, Greentronics


Seed & Potato Varieties

Kirby Sawatzky

Director, Parkland Seed Potatoes


Seed & Potato Varieties

Paul Sawatzky

Business Development Manager, Parkland Seed Potatoes