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Peeled Innate Russet Burbank (foreground) next to conventional Russet Burbank. (Photo: J.R. Simplot Company)

GMO potatoes will not be grown commercially in Canada this year

There will be no commercially grown GMO potatoes in Canada this year according to J.R. Simplot Company that developed the Innate potato.

Innate potatoes bruise less and have less black spots than conventional potatoes.

Doug Cole, Simplot’s director of marketing and communications, said the company is holding off allowing commercial growth of Innate potatoes in Canada until there’s a proven market for them.

“There is strong interest from the grower community and retailers are also interested. But it’s a very involved purchase decision,” said Cole.

He said there are about five acres of test plots on P.E.I. this year, and they have additional test plots in Ontario and Manitoba.

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