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Matt Alexander, Volm Companies

OEE: Time Well Spent

In our Insiders article two months ago, we talked equipment maintenance: why it matters, how to stay on top of it, and what to prioritize. I mentioned OEE, or Overall Equipment Effectiveness, as an important metric every company should use to analyze their equipment assets’ performance. Because I’ve received quite a few questions about OEE since that article was posted online, let’s delve a little deeper into why OEE is time well…

Late blight alert in southern Ontario

A&L Biologicals Laboratory has confirmed the presence of late blight spores in the Alliston, Ont. area. Spores were not detected in the spore trap near Shelburne, Ont., but conditions for the development of late blight are perfect not only near Alliston but across the province of Ontario. To date, there are no reports of potato late blight in Ontario. But potato fields must be protected against this devastating disease to avoid economic…

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