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Marketing Potatoes: Our Shared Responsibility and Combined Benefit

Back a generation or two ago when seemingly every North American home bought potatoes by the 20 lb bag and variety options were limited, marketing potatoes was straightforward: grocers simply put potatoes on their shelves and customers bought them. Instant access to information, hugely expanded grocery options, and a burgeoning number of potato types, sizes and end-uses, however, means potato marketing today is a critical, complicated priority that the entire value chain…

Traceability Should be a Priority for Every Producer

Across every sector and at every level of the agriculture industry, countless conversations are occurring these days about traceability. Now that technologies exist that can track origin, movement history and current locations of product – be it milk, livestock, or in this case, potatoes – traceability is becoming a huge priority for product producers, retailers and consumers alike. It is now possible to trace food products from the field to the consumer…

New Potato Varieties Meet Changing Industry Needs

The potato industry’s health, both in the immediate and long-term, depends on all players working to balance and achieve the value chain’s many, varied needs. Constantly changing consumer demands must be top priority for the industry. However, the needs of producers, packers and processors must also be considered. New varieties can prove beneficial to the entire value chain, solving many of the challenges facing today’s potato industry. While traditional fresh market Russet…

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