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Duane Gorman, Gorman Controls

Optimal Tuber Cooling a Key Step Towards Successful Pile Management

Harvest is complete, your crop is in storage and the November skies are threatening snow. As fall turns into winter, your tubers’ respiration is slowing as they prepare for dormancy. Once your potato crop is dry, suberization is complete, and – in the case of processing varieties – colour is achieved, turn your attention to cooling your tubers to an optimal storage temperature so your crop holds its value through the months…

Duane Gorman, Gorman Controls

Ventilation in Early Storage Key to Long-Term Storage Success

What happens during the earliest days of tuber storage sets the stage for long-term storage success. Potatoes need ventilation in their first two weeks of storage for three major reasons. The first is to dry surface moisture and any adhered soil on the surface of the tubers, which would otherwise favour the growth of microorganisms. The greater the difference between the amount of moisture in the ventilating air and the amount on…

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