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Bill Menkveld, Greentronics

The Nuts and Bolts of Yield Monitoring Technology

Given how important and detailed the data is they provide, you wouldn’t be the first person to assume that potato yield monitors must be confusingly complicated and inaccessibly high-tech. The reality is just the opposite. Root crop yield monitors consist of very few components. With a little patience and some basic wrenching skills, a complete system is quite easy to set-up and calibrate in surprisingly little time. But before you race out,…

Bill Menkveld, Greentronics

A Whole New Reality for Yield Monitoring

If you’re firmly against yield monitoring and think it’ll never have a place in your potato fields, I understand. Twenty years ago when yield monitors first made big waves in agriculture, they didn’t offer much benefit to potato farmers. While the monitors churned out reams of data, most farmers were unsure how to translate that data into useful information. Analysis programs seemed to be designed more for statisticians and computer scientists than…

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