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Low Glycemic Potatoes

A team of researchers at the Potato Research Centre in Fredericton, N.B., and the Lethbridge Research Centre in Alberta has developed a low glycemic potato. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada project lead Benoit Bizimungu says this development could help consumers to achieve sustainable weight loss and improve the management of diabetes. Not only that, but the new low glycemic index variety could create new market opportunities for potato growers. Glycemic index or GI…

Nutrition in a Compact Package

Potatoes are among the healthiest vegetables available to consumers but the focus on reducing carbohydrate intake in many weight loss plans has given them a black eye. Now, two Ontario research scientists are working to restore the potato’s healthy profile in an effort to re-educate the public and provide growers with more information to share about the nutritional value of potatoes — particularly, the health benefits of coloured tubers. Agriculture and Agri-Food…

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